Welcome to Agro-On

Agro-On has the goal of improve quality and extend commercial life of fruit and vegetables. To this end, we provide a set of technical advisory services, specific tests and technology transfer.

Working on postharvest, but not only, our clients are some of the best and most representative producers and packers of citrus and vegetables in the Algarve, ‘Rocha’ pear in Oeste and apple in Beiras Portuguese regions, and persimmon in Huelva. Every year we help in handling more than 300.000 tons of commodities.

We also work with stone fruits, red fruits, and various vegetables, and develop actions for Companies in other European countries (Spain, France, Greece) and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, among others).

Our work for auxiliary companies, such as Crop Protection or Sanitizing companies, is equally important. We perform efficacy studies for registration, product development and results demonstration.

In Agro-On we are dedicated to help the horticultural supply chain, and promote the growing of organizations, with a success based on Quality and Innovation.

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Main team

Miguel Salazar
PhD in Agronomy. More than ten years as a post-harvest consultant. Worked for the Department of Environment, Department Agriculture and IRTA (Catalonia), Applus (Agrifood and Certification Division) and several engineering firms. Involved in various Research Centers, participated in more than fifteen national and international research projects.

Carla Nunes
PhD in Agricultural Sciences. Specialized in R+D+i and technology transfer. As Coordinator of the Group of Biological Control and Post-harvest Pathology of Algarve University, responsible for national and international research projects. Owner of two patents, national and international, of post-harvest biofungicides.

Susana Mendes
Degree in Agronomy. More than five years as agronomist consultant. GlobalG.A.P. Internal Auditor. Accredited trainer. SmartFresh qualified Service Provider.

Marco Lopes
Degree in Management of Bio-resources. Carry out works to grow special crops (halophytes). Logistics Manager. Certified Applicator of plant protection products.

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